What is the VALLEY label?

VALLEY promotes learning and the development of social competences acquired through volunteering. Especially for
disadvantaged or excluded groups of young people, volunteering offers an important link to learning for life and not least the labour market. This is why we believe that their learning needs recognition.
The VALLEY label is a European quality label that provides a clear signal to young volunteers from  all  European  countries  that  your organisation is dedicated to support learning and recognition.

The VALLEY label is conceptualised in a way that volunteering organisations follow an approach in which working with volunteers is not only coordination and placement, but also supporting  individual  development  and competence oriented learning, so that young people can get the most out of their voluntary engagement.


How to get the VALLEY label?

The steps to be awarded the VALLEY label are:

  • Join the e-learnign platform.
  • Take the e-learning modules.
  • Apply what you have learnt in your daily work with volunteers.
  • Support your volunteers in assessing and documenting their competences.
  • Provide a certificate of achievement to your volunteers.
  • Contact the VALLEY Team and receive the VALLEY Label.

Take the first step and register for the VALLEY

Download the VALLEY Label broschure here.


Validation System in Lifelong Learning Experiences of Youth Volunteering