The theme of recognition and validation of learning outcomes from informal or non-formal settings is commonly understood as one of the most important challenges for educational and training sector nowadays.

One of the most powerful informal learning contexts is represented by the volunteering sector, where people of all ages, education, cultural and social backgrounds, have the opportunity to experience different challenging situations, putting into practice their own skills and getting wide experience and new competences.  Most of this new knowledge can represent an asset for volunteers in other areas of their life, as, for example, in professional career.

VALLEY aims to provide new resources to identify and recognize skills and competences developed mainly by youngsters during their volunteering experience, and to increase motivation for some vulnerable target groups, such as NEETs (Young people not in employment, education or training) to approach the volunteering sector also as a way to re-engage in social life.

Validation System in Lifelong Learning Experiences of Youth Volunteering