CESIE is a European centre of studies and initiatives  non-profit, apolitical, and secular non-governmental organisation with member organisations in more than eight European countries. It was established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of the pacifist Danilo Dolci (1924-1997). CESIE contributes, through the active participation of people, civic society and institutions, towards the promotion of growth and development.
CESIE links local, national and international contexts and is committed to stimulating development and change in cultural, educational and economic spheres through the creation and use of innovative tools and methods.

CESIE ‘s international activities include:
• Management + Coordination of European projects;
• Youth exchanges, training courses, workshops and partnerships-building seminars;
• Sending and hosting of volunteers through international exchanges, European Voluntary Service, National Civil Service abroad and the Leonardo da Vinci programme;
• Coordination and/or participation in projects of International research on immigration, disability, equal opportunities, gender, exchange of good practice in youth work and the diffusion of Maieutic methodology;
• Projects of International cooperation;
• Coordination and participation in local, regional and international networks of organisations working in the same field.

At the local level, CESIE works primarily in one of the most disadvantaged zones in the historical centre of Palermo. This area is characterized by high levels of unemployment, micro-criminality and immigration.

Validation System in Lifelong Learning Experiences of Youth Volunteering